Socorro, New Mexico. The New Data Center is a state of the art facility to meet the demands of student driven needs for big data usage during the class day schedules, faculty necessities for securitizing research data, and the daily use of the NMTech community on a daily basis.  We are excited to be part of this new addition to a campus with strong architectural and planning traditions!

VOTE YES, to G.O. Bond C, Nov 8!

New Mexicans are able to vote on General Obligation bonds every two years.  In 2016, G.O. Bond Issue C will provide funding to improve and renovate aging and required building infrastructure for higher education institutions around the state.  These brick and mortar projects are fundamental to creating the academic environment necessary for New Mexico’s colleges, universities and specialty schools to build the strengths of our NM students.  Vote YES to Bond C. 

McCLAIN+YU and mPOWER Collaborate!

McCLAIN+YU and mPOWER have collaborated on several design explorations since 2012.  They are now awarded the AIA UPJOHN research award to create a demonstration project utilizing the DRAGON SCALEs (TM).

Recipient of the 2016/2017 AIA Upjohn Award

Kristina H. Yu as PI, of University of New Mexico and McCLAIN+YU Architecture & Design, is the recipient of the 2016/2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Upjohn Research Award.  She is working with a highly skilled team from McCLAIN+YU and mPOWER.  This collaboration stems back to design research projects to 2012.  They will utilize the DRAGON SCALEs (TM) to create a demonstration project for interior building and cladding systems. 

Bernalillo County Tactical Art Platform (TAP)

McCLAIN+YU in collaboration with artists, Michael Lopez, Andrea Polli, and the Bernalillo County Public Arts Project Commission are designing the mobile Tactical Art Platform (TAP). TAP can be utilized as place for theater, place for the directing of public performance below, place for display. The team is excited to see how the public will use the TAP to create inventive, innovative events.

Young Architects Forum Visits Green Jeans Farmery

A vibrant and energetic crowd of from the Young Architects Forum takes part in a #hardhattour of McClain + Yu's  Green Jeans Farmery.  The issues raised by the group spoke of their interests to see new and innovative building types created in the city of Albuquerque.  They had great questions about site conditions and construction challenges.  


REVIT Powerboost!

Everyone can attest to the REVIT capacity to provide powerful coordination, however, for the modest-sized office,  REVIT allows us to power-boost our personal capability to create, coordinate, collaborate to new heights. Here is Raimund to tell us more...


Working with  collegiate athletes and ENMU is an exciting opportunity to enhance not only campus buildings but participate in campus culture.  Our team is just as excited as the Greyhound team to see earth being moved, place being made for the future home of the NEW ENMU STADIUM. We can't wait for the tailgating parties, but until then here is an animation preview. 




On Nov. 16-18, 2011, Trespa hosted the Cutting-Edge Campuses program at its Design Centre in lower Manhattan, bringing together leading architects responsible for shaping the landscape of colleges and universities across the United States, to explore ideas regarding 21st century planning, design and programming.

Architects welcomed a three-hour roundtable on Nov. 17 as an opportunity to share ideas. Raimund McClain was invited as a panelist and named an "Architect to Watch" by SchoolConstruction News.