mac performance


The design of the building was conceived to give MACS Performance to advertise the company’s business, truck performance repair and maintenance.  An innovative use of air flow was derived from the flow of exhaust pipes on vehicles:  as air heats up it collects under the higher portion of the roof.  Belt driven exhaust fans and louvers are actuated by a thermostat to exhaust hot air.  By creating negative pressure, cool air is introduced at openings lower in the building;  hot, stale air is replace by a continual supply of cool fresh air.

A critical component of the design was to provide both vehicle exhaust and hot air exhaust high in the space.  The project included requirements for a variety of vehicle maintenance bays, office and waiting areas and restrooms.  In the winter, the polycarbonate glazing allows low altitude sun to passively heat the truck bays so that energy use is minimized.  The resulting design is both eye catching and functional and allows the bays to stay cool during the summer months without mechanical cooling.